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Dead Sea Salts & Hiwa Kai Bath Soak

Magie (ma·gie): French. The art or practice of using supernatural forces. Fascination or great charm.

Named in honor of the black witches salt used for protection "Magie" is an all natural bath to refresh the mind, stimulate the body and promote healthy skin. Made from nutrient-rich hand-harvested Dead Sea Salts, purifying Hiwa Kai black hawaiian sea salt, chamomile & lavender flowers and a sensual essential oil blend with notes of frankincense & rosemary - these bathing salts are truly exceptionnal!

They will help to awake your senses while helping to rid your body of impurities; leaving soft and clear skin. As you relax, the stimulating scent will permeate the air, easing tension & stress.

The salts of the Dead Sea that we have selected for you have a very high and more than 20 mineral concentration. Unlike the classic sea salt consisting mainly of sodium chloride, salt from the Dead Sea has a high concentration of Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Bromine…This exceptional richness in various minerals provides dermatological properties often used by spa resorts and thalassotherapy.

• Soothing, it soothes inflamed and irritated skin
• Improves skin condition especially in the case of atopic
• Promotes skin hydration and proper functioning of its cells
• Tones the skin tissue
• Purifying and skin sanitizer is an excellent agent to fight against various infections

Packaged in a vintage looking 10 oz glass container. Each jar will offer 10 to 12 baths




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