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Facial Care Ritual

Facial Care Ritual


Ritual (rit·u·al) : A set of actions that are conducted routinely in the same manner.

 For most people, a ritual is a way to connect with ourselves, before diving head first into our busy day or for unwinding when it’s time to slow down. A skin care ritual is important for maintaining the beauty and health of our skin and nobody should ever miss their daily skin care rituals. 

The Skin Care Ritual Set by Evy Jo & Co. is elegantly packaged in a premium white gloss gift box with our logo and it features:
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+ One "Remove" Eye Make Up Remover: Handcrafted in small batch with organic Camellia (tea flower) oil, pure vitamin E and roman chamomile essential oil. It gently yet effectively removes all traces of make up while nourishing the fragile skin of the eyelids.

+ One Bar of Organic Luxury Soap: Handcrafted with organic moisturizing plant butters and oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical extacts. All the soaps formulated by Evy Jo & Co. are gentle and safe to use on the face.

- Charcoal Soap: hemp + frankincense/patchouli (all skin types | beneficial for oily/blemish-prone skin)

- Pink Clay Soap: shea + ylang ylang/grapefruit (all skin types | beneficial for normal/combination skin)

- Green Tea Soap: avocado + lime/eucalyptus (all skin types | benefical for oily/blemish-prone skin)

- Coconut Milk Soap: calendula + geranium/may chang (all skin types | beneficial for dry/sensitive/mature skin)

 + One Facial Clay Mask: A type of clay is the main base for each mask. The formula is then perfected using floral, botanical and mineral extracts and therapeutic grade essential oils to suit a specific skin type.

- Volcanique: volcanic ash clay + bamboo charcoal (normal | combination | oily | blemish-prone skin)

- Floral : pink clay + floral extracts (all skin types | beneficial for normal/combination skin)

- Botanique: french green clay + matcha green tea (normal | combination | oily | blemish-prone skin)

- Délicat: white clay + rice, coconut milk & oats (sensitive | dry | mature | normal)

+ One Floral Facial Mist: High quality floral waters are assembled to create a comforting floral mist that helps completing the cleaning of the skin and prepare it for hydration.

- Moisturizing Floral Mist: neroli + helichrysum (normal | dry/sensitive | mature/aging)

- Purifying Floral Mist: lavender + rosemary (combination | oily | blemish-prone)

+ One Facial Elixir: Made-to-order using only the highest grade of luxurious organic plant oils and skin healing essential oils. 

- Immortelle Facial Elixir: argan, rosehip + helichrysum/carrot seed infused jojoba (damaged | dry | mature/aging)

- Pure Facial Elixir: grapeseed, hazelnut + rosemary/lemon myrtle infused jojoba (combination | oily | blemish-prone)

- Clarissa Facial Elixir: olive squalane, jojoba, fractionned coconut oil + jasmine & rose (normal | sensitive)

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Facial Care Ritual

Facial Care Ritual

Facial Care Ritual
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