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Moisturizing Floral Mist - (Neroli & Immortelle)

Formulated with floral waters, floral mists are a wonderful source of skin nourishment. They have the power to deal with the most chronic of problems very naturally and without any side-effects. 

Women love and use floral waters in their beauty routine since the beginning of time. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are all known to have made great use of floral waters for their healing and aesthetic properties.

A floral water has the botanical qualities of the blossom from which it comes. The Moisturizing Floral Mist is a peaceful assembly that combines neroli and helichrysum floral waters and was created to provide a soothing and healing solution for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

The Moisturizing Floral Mist is a wonderful skin care product that works instantly to soothe and refresh the skin. In the morning it is a gentle wake-up call for the skin and senses. At night, it can be sprayed on a cotton tab and used in place of a toner to remove the last traces of make-up after cleansing. You can also use it to fix your make up or to revitalize at any moment during the day.

Scent : sweet, floral

Texture : aqueous.

Skin Feel : hydrated, refreshed.

Skin Type : normal | dry/sensitive | mature

How To Use : Close your eyes, mist onto skin and inhale the glorious aromas.

Ingredients : neroli floral water, helichrysum floral water, witch hazel extract, aloe vera, glycerine, radish root ferment filtrate, chamomile tincture, essential oils.

Shelf Life : store your facial mist out of sunlight and use within 6 months.

Packaged in a 4 oz glass bottle with sprayer. 



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