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The artisan

Evy Jo & Co. is an artisan line of products born of my love & worship of nature, creative entrepreneurship and a passion for formulating plant-based self-care products. 

Growing up my family had a keen interest for natural products and was also strongly involved in holistic healing. Later in life, I became interested by those influences and started to study & learn more about herbalism and natural/eco-friendly skin-care alternatives.

I have made my own body scrubs, clay-based beauty masks and moisturizers for many years without even thinking that I might one day sell them. Surprisingly, it was by discovering cold-process soap making while watching the program "orange is the new black" in 2013 that the idea came to me. 

My intuition is my greatest source of inspiration; most of my ideas come to me when engaging with the plants and ingredients and I do a lot of backup research to confirm, adjust or improve the ideas I am working on. I own an extensive collection of books on herbs/flowers and their extracts, essential oils and etc…so I can experiment and discover whenever I feel inspired.

Owning my own business and being creative every day has always been a dream of mine and I am very thankful to the people in my life who have helped make it happen! 

I hope that you will enjoy my shop and my products.

Peace and Love,

Evelyne L.  Artisan-Proprietress

Evy Jo & Co.